Tuesday June 28, 2022

Preparations Underway to Rig Punjab By-Polls, Alleges Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday alleged that preparations being made to rig by-elections in Punjab.

In his televised address on Tuesday, Imran Khan said that the incumbent government came into power through conspiracy. They came to power to reduce inflation but the inflation is increasing for the past two months, while the stock market has crashed and exchange rate of dollar has hit record high.

The former PM said that the International Monetary Fund has also appreciated PTI government’s performance.

The PTI chairman further said that the nation is staging protest today and the government should resolve issues of the general public instead of baton charging them.

“There was no load shedding during the tenure of PTI government,” Imran Khans said and asked what has happened in two months that the power outages in the country has increased. “The nation is paying capacity payments despite the electricity not being generated in the power plants,” he added.

The former premier went on to say that the future of the country s economy under “experienced thieves” was going to be dark.

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