Friday November 05, 2021

PPP Demands Govt To Withdraw Increase In Prices Of Petroleum Products

Islamabad: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has demanded the government to withdraw increased prices of petroleum products and have mercy on the people.

Expressing concerns over the recent increase in petroleum products, the party vice-president Sherry Rehman said that the destructive government has again increased prices of petrol by Rs 8.3.

She said that the government had also raised the petroleum prices by Rs 10 two weeks ago. After the increase, the price of petrol has reached to Rs 145. 82.

Sherry Rehaman said that we reject increase in the prices of petrol adding that this merciless government has increased petroleum prices by Rs 53 in the last three years.

She said “Prime Minister Imran Khan says he is providing relief to the masses after increasing the petroleum prices.”

Former ambassador to the USA, Sherry said that everything will be expensive after increase in the petroleum prices.

She urged the government to take back prices of the petroleum and have mercy on the people.

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