Sunday November 21, 2021

Powerful Have Become Above The Law In The Country: Qamar Zaman Kaira

Lahore: Qamar Zaman Kaira has said that there is no dearth of laws and institutions but powerful have become above the law.

Addressing the third Asma Jahangir conference in Lahore, the PPP stalwart said that one should have democratic attitude while follow the democracy.

He stressed supremacy of law and fulfilling the rights of the people for stregthening the democracy adding that any thing can not be fixed through lectures only.

Qamar Zaman Kaira said that modern states make better laws to make themselves civilized. He said that there is a law for everything in the country but the institutions are not working.

He said that the powerful people have become above the law in the country we have to implement the constitution.

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