Wednesday December 29, 2021

Police Raids Houses Of SBCA Officers Responsible For Construction Of Nasla Tower

Karachi: The police have started raiding the houses of The Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) officers responsible for granting permission to construction of the Nasla tower but there is no arrest made so far.

The police officials said that the SBCA has given names of 30 people responsible for construction of the Nasal tower.

The police raided a house of Deputy Director SBCA Safdar Magsi in Frere while Safdar Magsi was not present in his home on the time of the raid.

Safdar Magsi was a assistant director at the time of construction of the Nasla Tower. The former SBCA Director General (DG) Manzoor Qadir alias Kaka had designated Safdar Magsi in grade 21.

According to the police officials other wanted officers included Assistant Director Majid Magsi, then Deputy Director Sarfaraz Hussain.

The police officials further apprised that Sindh Muslim Society office bearers have not provided the names of officers involved in construction of the Nasla Tower so far.

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