Wednesday September 14, 2022

PML-N MPAs Interim Bail Extended In PA Ruckus Case

Lahore: A session court of Lahore today (Wednesday) extended an interim bail of all the MPAs of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) including Attar Tarrar nominated in ruckus case during the Punjab assembly session two months ago.

In a ruckus case during PA session two months ago, the PML-N MPAs, special assistant of ptemier Atta Tarrar, Saif Ul Malook Khokhar, Rana Mashhood, Owais Leghari appeared before the court.

Besides Mirza Javed, Bilal Farooq Tarrar, Manan Khan including Rukhsana Kausar and all the nominated persons in the case marked their attendance.

The PML-N leaders have filed the interim bail in the session court of Lahore.

The point of view adopted in Atta Tarrar petition that he was nominated in the case through August 19 supplementary statement of complainant.

He has no any link with an accusation of attempted murder and ruckus in the PA. The petitioners viewed that that they were nominated in the ruckus case of the PA on unwarrantedly and on political basis.

On the other hand, they said that PTI’s MPAs were also nominated in the case who were declared innocents. They said that they feared their arrests, so that they become part of the investigation their interim bails be confirmed adding that the police submitted uncomplete investigation report in the court.

The court ordering the PML-N MPAs to become part of the investigation extended their bail petitions till Septemebr 19.

The court stopping the police arresting nominated PML-N MPAs and called the investigation report on the next hearing.

Talking to media in the session court the PML-N leader Atta Tarrar said that a person involved in the tousha khna case not ready to become part of the investigation while CM Punjab and his son are providing protection to Imran Niazi.

The PM special assistant said that the resources of Punjab are being used against the army and the judiciary.

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