Thursday September 09, 2021

PML-N Admits PPP Offered To Overthrow Punjab Govt

LAHORE: PML-N has rejected the three-year performance of the government. PML-N leaders said that it is a sign of bad governance that IG and Chief Secretary are replaced every three months. Get better

PML-N has issued a white paper on the three-year performance of the Punjab government. Addressing a press conference in Model Town Lahore, PML-N leader Rana Mashhood said that the government could not provide cheap treatment to the people and inflation was not controlled.

Owais Leghari said that the sign of bad governance is that Chief Secretary and IG are replaced every three months. The government has destroyed the agriculture sector while closing down 100 institutions including 56 companies.

The PML-N leaders admitted that the PPP had offered to overthrow the cowardly government but the fact is that our number game is not over. They do not want to do horse trading to overthrow the government.

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