Sunday October 03, 2021

PM Welcomes Pandora Leaks, Announces To Investigate All Mentioned Citizens

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday announced that government will investigate all the citizens mentioned in the Pandora Papers and appropriate action will be taken if any wrongdoing is established.

In a series of tweets, he welcomed the Pandora Papers exposing the ill-gotten wealth of elites, accumulated through tax evasion and corruption and laundered out to financial havens.

He said the UNSG’s Panel FACTI calculated a staggering 7 trillion dollars in stolen assets parked in largely offshore tax havens.

He said his over-two decades struggle has been premised on the belief that countries are not poor but corruption causes poverty because money is diverted from being invested in our people.

He further said this resource-theft also causes devaluation, leading to thousands of poverty-related deaths.

The Prime Minister said just like the East India Company plundered the wealth of India, ruling elites of developing world are doing the same.

He said unfortunately, the rich states are neither interested in preventing this large-scale plunder nor in repatriating this looted money.

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