Thursday September 01, 2022

PM waives off FPA For People Consuming Up To 300 Units

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has waived off fuel adjustment charges for people consuming electricity up to three hundred units in a month.

Addressing the members of National and provincial assemblies belonging to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, he said the step was aimed at facilitating the common man already facing the brunt of inflation.

The prime minister proposed to also waive off the electricity bills of the consumers in flood-affected areas and also exempt the farmers from ‘abiyana’ (water charges on crop irrigation) in calamity-hit places.

PM Sharif also announced to launch in near future a solar programme for the production of 10,000 mega-watt of electricity as a cost-effective mode across the country. He said the solar programme would generate electricity at the rate of Rs 9 per unit, saving billions spent on expensive electricity production. He lauded his economic and power team for making all-out efforts to materialize the mega solar project, which he said, would especially benefit the schools, hospitals and tubewells.

The prime minister mentioned that Pakistan was facing extreme challenges while meeting the requirements of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), even while taking steps to give subsidy on electricity.

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