Tuesday December 07, 2021

PM To Meet Malik Adnan Today For His Courageous Move To Save Sri Lankan Citizen

ISLAMABAD: A colleague of the factory manager, Malik Adnan who tried his utmost to shelter and save Priyantha Kumara from the mob in Sialkot to meet Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan today.

Malik Adnan reached Islamabad after being invited by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Soon after the video of Malik Adnan went viral, showing him trying to save Priyantha Kumara from the mob, the premier announced Tamagh-i-Shujaat for him.

Adnan is currently residing at the PM House as a state guest for the bravely he showed.

He tried his best to save the Sri Lankan citizen and presented himself as a shield in front of the angry mob, but he failed in saving Priyantha.

The tragic incident had taken place at a factory located at Sialkot’s Wazirabad Road, where a foreign factory manager was brutally tortured by the workers with sticks.
This was not it, the enraged people had shown no mercy and set the severely injured foreign manager on fire, as a result of which he was burnt to death.

After the incident, the factory employees had vandalized properties outside the factory and also damaged the vehicles.

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