Saturday December 11, 2021

PM Khan To Visit Mianwali Today

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit Mianwali on Saturday to inaugurate and perform ground-breaking of several projects in the district.

The Prime Minister will inaugurate Establishment of City Park at Old Cattle Mandi Mianwali, Dualization of Sargodha-Mianwali Road (Phase-1) and Establishment of Miyawaki Forest at NAMAL Lake.

He will also lay the foundation stone of Upgradation of Kalabagh-Shakardara Road, Upgradation of DHQ Hospital Mianwali, Prime Minister Package-II, District Development Package, Establishment of Wooded Land at NAMAL Lake and Balkasar-Mianwali Road.

The Prime Minister will also visit NAMAL University Mianwali and will address the students.

According to the Spokesman for National Highway Authority,  the 415-kilometer long Balkasar-Mianwali-Muzaffargarh Road will be completed in a year at a cost of 13.5 billion rupees.

The main road will widen upto 7.3 meters and 2.5-wide shoulders will be constructed on both sides.

The project, on completion, will reduce expenses on fuel and maintenance of vehicles besides saving travel time.

The project will facilitate easy supply of crops from field to market and create employment opportunities.

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