Thursday October 20, 2022

PM In Interview With FT Demands International Support, Additional Funds To Tackle Climate Change

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif seeking international support and additional funds to tackle the challenge of climate change, has stated that Pakistan was in a war against climate change-induced havoc and had become a victim.

“We are in a war against climate change-induced havoc, and we have become a victim. “Tomorrow another country can and we don’t want that to happen,” the Prime Minister said in an interview with Financial Times.

He said that Pakistan was not asking for any kind of rescheduling [of loans] or a moratorium, but for additional funds.

“We are not asking for any kind of measure [such as] a rescheduling or a moratorium,” Sharif told the Financial Times. “We are asking for additional funds,” he added.

To a question, the Prime Minister said, “There is a gap — and a very serious gap — which is widening by the day between our demands and what we have received.”

“We are only asking for climate justice, we are not using the word reparations at all,” he added.

To another question, the Prime Minister said, “We are obviously concerned because if there is dissatisfaction leading to deeper political instability and we are not able to achieve our basic requirements and goals, this can obviously lead to serious problems.”

“I’m not saying it in terms of any kind of threat, but I’m saying there’s a real possibility,” he remarked.

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