Tuesday October 25, 2022

PM Emphasizes Investing On Solar, Hydel Energy Sector To Avoid Pollution

Islamabad: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has emphasized on investing in the solar, wind and hydel energy sector to avoid pollution and improve air quality for the whole world.

Addressing Future Investment Initiative Summit in Riyadh on Tuesday, he said Pakistan is ready to reach out to potential investors to grab the future for its coming generations. He said technology has transformed every sector and it can cut through social, cultural and financial barriers and empower those who are equipped to leverage it. He said young women and men are crafting their careers through means of modern technology.

The Prime Minister also proposed Future Investment Initiative to establish a satellite centre in one of Pakistan’s leading universities to explore rapidly growing Pakistani market and spur innovation. He said the Satellite could become a centre of network of researchers, innovators, investors, and service providers to harness capacities, which if optimized would take Pakistan to high level of social and economic development.

Shehbaz Sharif further said that through Information Technology, E-Commerce and innovation we can overcome all challenges, especially political, economic, social, educational, and agricultural and climate change as well.

He said there is dire need of men and women to work together and adopt IT tools for progress, prosperity and happiness.

Prime Minister said being Punjab Chief Minister he empowered hundreds of thousands of youth through new digital world tools.

He said girls were given stipend, laptops were provided to students while farmers were supported.

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