Saturday April 16, 2022

Pervaiz Elahi Injured In PA Brawl

ISLAMABAD: With all that was going on, Pervaiz Elahi was not spared as well and became a target of the violence in the assembly that left him injured.

“They have rewarded me well in return for my goodness,” said Elahi — who got his hand bandaged after he was injured during the ruckus.

Speaker Punjab Assembly Pervez Elahi claims he was injured during the ruckus that took place inside the house in Lahore, on April 16, 2022. — YouTube/HumNewsLive

“Has this ever happened to any speaker before,” asked the PML-Q leader, adding that everything was pre-planned.

They crossed all lines today trying to manhandle me in an attempt to “finish me”, he said.

Elahi said that the courts are not for the poor and he will ask for justice from God.

Recalling the time when the Supreme Court took notice at midnight, Elahi said that sou motu notice is taken when influential people are involved.

Talking about the fight in the assembly, Speaker Elahi alleged that Hamza Shehbaz was giving orders to “hit” the members. 

“I took care of him when his family was in exile,” recalled Elahi.

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