Thursday January 13, 2022

People Died in Murree Tragedy Due To Govt Negligence: Maryam Nawaz

LAHORE :The Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League-N (PMLN) Maryam Nawaz has visited the residence of Bilal Yaseen, member of Provincial Assembly, to inquire after his health.

In her visit Maryam Nawaz prayed for the rapid recovery of Bilal Yasin, she also shared good wishes for his well being conveyed by the PMLN supremeo.

Mr. Yasin thanked the PMLN leader for her arrival to inquire after his well being.

“The way Bilal Yasin has remained loyal to Nawaz Sharif, It could be marked as an example for many,” stated Maryam Nawaz in a talkative session with media. She further emphasized the value of loyalty stating, “People who manage to stick with the party s ideology are rare.”

The PMLN Leader also said that, “The whole world have witnessed the failures and incompetence of the incumbent government,” adding that, “People died in the Murree tragedy because of the government’s negligence. Families have lost their lives.”

PMLN Vice President while expressing great sorrow for the families who have died in the climatic chaos bashed the government saying that the incumbent leaders were sleeping tucked into their houses with heaters on, while people have been calling out for help in Muree for 36 hours with no aid provided.”

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