Thursday November 18, 2021

PDM Rejects Passage Of Laws Through Joint Session Of Parliament: Hafiz Hamdullah

Islamabad: Spokesman of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Hafiz Hamdullah on Thursday said that the opposition alliance un has rejected approval of legislation in the joint session of parliament yesterday.

The PDM spokesman said that the joint session of the parliament was facing blind laws yesterday while he declared the day black day in the history.

Hamdullah said that the government approved the legislation by dancing the whole of the parliament through directions of power.

He said that with the passage of these illegal and blind laws democracy defeated and dictatorship has won.

The JUI-F leader said that by extending help to a failed politician, failed ruler and failed government the country and its institutions are losing its respect in the eyes of nation and the world.

He asked that with the disputed laws how undisputed elections can be happened adding that with conducting the disputed legislation the base of the disputed elections has been set.

Hamdullah said that EVMs are new machines to steal the votes which is second name of the RTS.

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