Thursday September 09, 2021

PDM Declares PMDA As A Black Law

Islamabad: Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has declared Pakistan Media Development Authority (PMDA) as a black law.

Giving response on the PMDA, Hafiz Hamd Ullah, the spokesperson of the PDM, said that we will not allow the government to deprive people from freedom of expression.

The PDM spokesperson said that such kind of laws are unannouced martial law against the independent media adding that the opposition and journalist bodies have rejected the PMDA.

He asked the government why did not the government bring out the law on surface? while he said that the PDM supports the protest of the journalist bodies in the country.

Hafiz Hamd Ullah said that imposing the PMDA forcefully is an extremism adding that the suggested authority is the symbol of dictatorship and reflection of thinking of dictatorship.

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