Wednesday April 27, 2022

Passport Issued To Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar

London: The government of Pakistan on Wednesday issued passport to former finance minister Ishaq Dar in London.

Ishaq Dar said that he will decide his return to country after getting the passport while Pakistani officials have informed him about issuance of his passport.

He claimed that baseless cases were made against him for political revenge adding that he neither hid his tax nor filed returns late. Former Finance Minister had submitted his documentation for the purpsoe of getting his passport in Pakistan embassy in Lodon.

Earlier, Nawaz Sharif has been issued his passport having a limit of ten years while he has been issued normal passport instead of diplomatic passport.

It is pertinent to mention here that Supreme Court of Pakistan had suspended Ishaq Dar senator ship. Ishaq Dar has elected as an independent senator from support of PML-N on March 3, 2018, however, he had not taken the oath of the office.

A case regarding the qualification of Ishaq Dar it is adopted opinion that an absconder can’t take part in an election.

Later, Election Commission of Pakistan has restored his senator ship.

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