Wednesday June 08, 2022

Passenger Train Partially Derailed In Iran Claims 17 lives

Tehran: A passenger train partially derailed in eastern Iran, killing at least 17 people and injuring 50 more, including some critically, authorities have said.

Iranian state TV reported on Wednesday that the number of casualties could rise, though initial details about the disaster involving a train reportedly carrying some 350 passengers remained unclear.

Four of the seven cars in the train derailed in the early morning darkness near the desert city of Tabas, report said.

Tabas is some 550 kilometres (340 miles) southeast of the capital, Tehran.

Rescue teams with ambulances and helicopters had arrived in the remote area where communication is poor.

At least 16 people suffered critical injuries, with some transferred to local hospitals, officials said

The report said the crash is under investigation. Initial reports suggested the train collided with an excavator near the track, though it wasn’t immediately clear why an excavator would have been close to the train track at night.

One official suggest it could have been part of a repair project.

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