Sunday October 03, 2021

Pandora Papers Are Just Propaganda: Chaudhry Brothers

LAHORE: After the shocking revelation of Pandora Papers and revealing the name of PML-Q leader Monis Elahi, the Chaudhry brothers termed these documents as propaganda.

According to a statement, the Chaudhry brothers’ spokesperson calls the Pandora Papers as misleading propaganda.

He said that the files were filled with false and misleading material for political revenge, while in the past, political revenge was used for the fulfillment of nefarious aims.

The spokesman also said that in the name of so-called accountability, misleading propaganda was spread against the facts so that action could be taken against them on the basis of these baseless figures.

He further said that all the assets of Parvez Elahi and Monis Elahi have been legally declared.

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