Monday September 19, 2022

Pakistani Passenger Deported From Dubai Over His Erratic Behaviour In PIA Flight

Peshawar: A man was arrested and later deported to Pakistan by authorities at Dubai airport, for “erratic behaviour” and causing disturbance on a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight from Peshawar.

According to sources, a male passenger boarded PIA’s flight PK-283 on Wednesday from Peshawar to Dubai. As the flight took off, he started asking the cabin crew to get him off the aircraft.

He then started punching and kicking the seats and also damaged a window shutter, causing panic among the passengers.

Upon arrival in Dubai the cabin crew escorted the passenger through security. Later the local authorities informed the PIA management who immediately sent a two-member team from Islamabad to bring the passenger back.

Video footage of the incident showed flight attendants trying to calm the passenger, asking him to refrain from this behaviour.

According to the crew members, the passenger started giving Azaan and offering prayer at the aisle and then lied down there.

After much effort, the hands and feet of the passenger were tied as per aviation procedures and he was restrained, the spokesman said.

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