Thursday January 05, 2023

Pakistan, United States Have Shared Interests

WASHINGTON: US State Department spokesperson Ned Price, while briefing the newsmen in Washington on Wednesday, said that Pakistan and United States do indeed have a shared interest in ensuring that the Taliban live up to the commitments and that terrorist groups like ISIS-K, like the TTP, like al-Qaida are no longer able to threaten regional security.

Ned Price said that in the U.S.-Taliban agreement, the Taliban made a commitment to see to it that international terrorists would not operate freely within Afghanistan. He said that the US had undertook a few months ago that eliminated the leader of al-Qaida – who was living inside, in Kabul – made very clear that the Taliban had not lived up to that commitment. Taliban are unwilling to fulfill the commitments they had made, he said.

He said Pakistan, of course, has suffered tremendous violence owing to the threats that have in many cases emanated from Afghanistan. So we are committed to working with partners. The threats that emerge in Afghanistan present a threat to the United States and our allies, he said.

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