Friday July 08, 2022

Pakistan Revises COVID-19 Testing Requirements For Returning Hajj Pilgrims

The Ministry of Health on Friday announced to perform on-arrival rapid antigen tests (RAT) on pilgrims returning from Hajj in Makkah, which is home to the holiest site in Islam.

Muslims have gathered in Makkah to offer one of the key obligations of Islam Hajj today (Friday), which is the biggest Hajj gatherings after a two years hiatus as the Saudi Arabia government kept the arrival of pilgrims from abroad restricted in order to mitigate the global COVID-19 spread.

The director-general (DG) for the Hajj mission issued a letter to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) DG with details of the new orders.

The authorities concerned have been directed to ensure the presence of CAA and Airport Security Force personnel at airports facilitating arrival of pilgrims.

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