Saturday September 17, 2022

Pakistan Reports This Year’s 19th Polio Case

Islamabad: The number of polio cases detected in Pakistan this year has increased to 19 after a six month old child in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s South Waziristan district was paralysed by the virus, the Health Ministry announced.

According to the Ministry, the child had an onset of the paralysis on August 22 as confirmed by the Pakistan National Polio Laboratory at the National Institute of Health, reports news agency.

This was the first case from South Waziristan this year.

All the 19 cases were detected in KP two patients from Lakki Marwat, 16 from North Waziristan and one from South Waziristan district.

Controlling the outbreak in KP remains the focus of the Pakistan Polio Program, the Ministry said.

“The humanitarian crisis in the wake of floods poses graver challenges to polio eradication efforts as we grapple with the displacement of millions of people.

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