Wednesday August 24, 2022

Pakistan Railways Reclaims Tezgam’s Control After Viral Dance

KARACHI: Pakistan Railways has reclaimed the control of Tezgam train after a dance video inside the train went viral over social media.

According to details, Pakistan Railways has reclaimed the control of the Tezgam express at Railway Minister Khwaja Saad Rafique’s orders. A video of a couple of transgenders dancing in the dining boogie of the train had gone viral over social media.

The Railway Minister had taken notice of the incident and ordered the private company to submit an answer while Train Manager Rana Azhar and Dining Manager Arsalan had been arrested.

However, later the ministry announced to reclaim the control of the trains and included it in railway administration. No illegal or immoral activities would be tolerated in trains, Saad Rafique said.

On June 10, the Pakistan Railways outsourced commercial management of three more passenger trains including Tezgam Express to the private sector in order to provide better facilities to passengers.

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