Sunday April 24, 2022

Pakistan Hockey Team Reaches Netherland In First Leg Of Europe Tour

Amsterdam: Pakistan hockey team has reached Netherland in its first leg of Europe tour.

The national hockey team will play two matches against the host country Netherland. As per the schedule, Pakistan will face Netherland on April 26 and 27 in Amsterdam.

After reaching Netherland, the team took part in the first training session at Amsterdam in Europe. The training session which continued for three hours, the players participated in various drills of the hockey and physical training.

The team conducted full training for the match against Netherland. Goal keepers also took part fully in the trainings.

The Pakistan team will also continue practice session tomorrow for the preparation of the two matches. The team will leave for Belgium on April 28.

The team will collide with Belgium on April 29 for a single match.

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