Monday August 30, 2021

Pakistan Has Faced Cross Border Terrorism For The Last 20 Years: Dr Moeed Yusuf

ISLAMABAD: National Security Adviser (NSA) Dr Moeed Yusuf on Monday said Pakistan has faced cross border terrorism for the last 20 years and now Islamabad is being asked to allow people coming from Afghanistan.

Addressing a ceremony, Moeed Yusuf criticised the world powers for neglecting ground realities in Afghanistan.He said the Taliban movement emerged from Kandahar and Pakistan started to host Afghan refugees from the 1980s.

Refugees used to come to Pakistan to avoid drone attacks from the US, he added.

The Pakistan NSA said, Afghan war badly affected Islamabad and after 2001, Pakistan faced terror attacks almost every day. After 2001, Pakistan emerged as the strongest ally of the US, he said.

He said that 97% of fencing along the border with Afghanistan has been completed and the work is going on with pace.

Yusuf said how will we know if TTP or ISS terrorists enter Pakistan in disguise of Afghan refugees.

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