Sunday July 24, 2022

Pakistan Foreign Exchange Reserve Reaches 9.3 Billion Dollars: Deputy Governor SBP

Karachi: Deputy Governor State Bank Of Pakistan ( SBP) Dr Inyat Hussain on Sunday apprised that Pakistan foreign reserved turned 9.3 billion dollars.

In his statement, the DG SBP added that foreign exchange market is fully functional in Pakistan adding that the country has gold value worth of 3.8 billions which is additional out of the foriegn reserves.

Inayat Hussain apprised categorically that there is no any situation that we could place gold in surety . He said that external foreign reserves are not in dangerous position.

He informed further that the value of rupees has depreciated by 18 percent since December last year while 12 percent decrease out of 18 percent is owing to increase in the US dollar value globally.

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