Thursday January 12, 2023

Pakistan Denies UK Media Reports about Uranium Package

ISLAMABAD The Foreign Office (FO) on Thursday rejected UK media reports that a uranium package seized at London’s Heathrow Airport came from Pakistan.

According to the FO spokeswoman, the reports were “not factual”.

On Wednesday, the British police revealed that a “very small quantity” of uranium was detected in a package that arrived at Heathrow Airport last month. They added it did not appear to be linked to any direct threat or any public health threat.

The amount of radioactive material, caught during routine scanning on December 29, was extremely small and had been assessed by experts as posing no risk, Richard Smith, head of London police s Counter Terrorism Command said.

Later, a report by The Sun claimed that the package originated in Pakistan before arriving aboard an Oman Air passenger jet from Muscat. The shipment was addressed to an Iranian-linked firm in the UK, it was understood.

FO Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch told a questionnaire that the media reports the FO went through weren t factual.

She said no information to this effect had been shared with them officially by the UK authorities

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