Sunday July 24, 2022

Our Comparison With Sri Lanka Can Not Be Drawn As IMF Is Satisfied: Governor SBP

Karachi: Governor State Bank Of Pakistan (SBP) Dr Murtaza Syed has said that our comparison can be drawn with Sri Lanka as International Monetary Fund (IMF) is completely satisfied with us.

The Governor SBP said that the negative analysis of the economy is not true. In his statement, Dr Murtaza Syed said that we have brokered staff level agreement with the IMP and it is a big thing.

Elaborated the agreement further, he said that after the staff level agreement, approval is granted by the IMF board. He added that talks of financing is happening with the friends countries.

He said that the IMF has an experience to tackle the matters with the countries like Pakistan.

The governor said that Pakistan has debt of equal to 40 percent its GDP while Ghana and others countries have more than this rate adding that Paksitan’s short term external debt is equal to 7 percent of GDP.

Dr Murtaza Syed said that comming 12 months are difficult for international economy while he said that inflation is on rise around the World.

He said those countries having the IMF program will be spared in the next 24 hours.

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