Thursday March 31, 2022

NSC Terms Foreign Country’s Formal Communication a “Blatant Interference”

ISLAMABAD: The National Security Committee has termed the communication of a senior official of a foreign country as blatant interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan which is unacceptable under any circumstances.

The NSC, which met in Islamabad today [Thursday] with Prime Minister Imran Khan in the chair, expressed grave concern at the communication, terming the language used by the foreign official as undiplomatic.

The Committee decided that Pakistan will issue a strong demarche to the country in question both in Islamabad and in the country’s capital through proper channel in keeping with diplomatic norms.

Earlier, the National Security Adviser briefed the Committee on the formal communication of a foreign country to Pakistan’s Ambassador in the said country in a formal meeting, which was duly conveyed by the Ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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