Sunday September 04, 2022

Notification Issued For 300 Or Less Units Electricity Users Exempted From Fuel Adjustment Charges

Islamabad: From behalf of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif the notification has been issued for people having 300 units of electricity will not be burdened with the fuel adjustment charges.

On the directions of the premier Shahabz Sharif the payments of new bills have been started while the last date for the payment of the bills has been extended.

Under the fuel adjustment concession, the people having electricity units of 300 and less then it will not be charged with the fuel adjustment charges.

As per the notification, the people who have paid the bill their amount will be adjusted in the upcoming bills.

With the concession of the fuel adjustment charges, as many as 17.1 million people out of whole total of 30 million customers of the electricity in the country will not have to pay the fuel adjustment charges.

It is pertinent to mention here that a few days ago the PM had announced that the electricity customers having 300 units of electricity or less will be exempted from fuel adjustment charges.

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