Saturday April 23, 2022

No Respite From Loadshedding In Karachi Even During Ramazan

KARACHI: The power supply company of Karachi, K-Electric, has apologised to the citizens of the megacity after an increase in the duration of load-shedding.

According to the reports, the load-shedding is happening in Karachi even during Sehri and Iftari timings, leaving the citizens irked.

In some areas, the duration of the power outage is between 8 to 15 hours.

The areas suffering the most from the uninterrupted power supply are Lyari, Korangi, New Karachi, Kharadar, Orangi, North Karachi, Golimar, Railway Colony, and others.

It has been reported that load-shedding is happening even in the areas which are exempted from it.

K-Electric spokesperson cited the shortage of supply as the main reason behind extended hours of load-shedding. He said the company is facing a shortfall of 300MW supplied from the national grid.

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