Monday May 16, 2022

No Any thing Acceptable Except Fresh Elections: Dr Shahabz Gill

Islamabad: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan’s Chief of Staff Dr Shahbaz Gill on Monday said that today talk of technocrat set-up is on.

Ex- special assistant to former premier Imran Khan for political communications, Dr Shahbaz Gill said that we didn’t accept system of changing loyalties for money, then how system of technocrat will work?

Shahabz Gill said that mistake can be happen but it is not mean that to do another mistake while he said that there is no any thing acceptable except a fresh elections.

He said that Pakistan Muslim League-N and some our own people hatched conspiracy against Pakistan and Imran Khan in the last four years.

The PTI leader now claimed that now nature is taking revenge from who hatched conspiracy against Pakistan and Imran Khan.

He went on to say that the powerful people not able take decisions from petrol prices to cabinet of Punjab Assembly.

He said that the PML-N has clarified that they are not prepared to take solely responsibility of economic, administrative and political destruction.

The young politician said that it is clear message to those who in conspiracy are partner in crime, let them have their share of public respect. He said that after this statement an immediate elections are only solution.

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