Friday September 17, 2021

New Zealand Unilateral Approach To End Tour Angers PCB Chairman

Lahore: New Zealand will hear Pakistan at the International Cricket Council (ICC), the country’s cricket board chief Ramiz Raja said Friday after the Kiwis cancelled their tour citing a “security alert”.

“Earlier today, New Zealand Cricket informed us they had been alerted to some security alert and have unilaterally decided to postpone the series,” a statement from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had said.

Terming the quick developments as a “crazy day”, the PCB chairman said he felt sorry for the fans and the players, as the tour would have been the first after Raja took over the board’s reigns.

“Walking out of the tour by taking a unilateral approach on a security threat is very frustrating. Especially when it’s not shared!!” the PCB chairman lashed out at New Zealand Cricket.

“Which world is NZ living in?? NZ will hear us at ICC,” the statement.

The PCB had said that the board along with the government had made foolproof security arrangements for all visiting teams.

“We have assured the New Zealand Cricket of the same. The Pakistan prime minister spoke personally to the prime minister of New Zealand and informed her that we have one of the best intelligence systems in the world and that no security threat of any kind exists for the visiting team,” it said.

The PCB said that the “security officials who travelled with the New Zealand team were satisfied with the security arrangements made by the Pakistan government throughout their stay here.”

“PCB is willing to continue the scheduled matches. However, cricket lovers in Pakistan and around the world will be disappointed by this last-minute withdrawal,” stated the PCB.

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