Tuesday June 14, 2022

NEPRA Approves Hike In Electricity For K-Electric by Rs 5.28 Per Unit

Karachi: National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Tuesday approved an increase in electricity prices for K-electric by Rs 5.28 per unit.

The NEPRA completed hearing on pleas of fuel charges of the month of April and regarding third-quarterly adjustment.

The sole distributor of electricity in Karachi, K-electric has filed a plea under FCA for increasing electricity prices by Rs 5.30 per unit. While it also submitted a plea for an increase third quarterly adjustment by Rs 3. 89.

As per the NEPRA checking of the data, an increase of Rs 5. 28 under the FCA is justified.

Before this FCA customers were charged Rs 4. 83 for the month of March which was only for a month.

The FCA of April will be charged more than 45 paisa’s from March.

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