Friday October 14, 2022

NEPRA Approves Decrease Of Rs4.89 Per Unit In FAC For K-Electric Consumers For August

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) approved a reduction of Rs4.89 per unit for K-Electric (KE) consumers on account of fuel adjustment charges FAC for electricity consumed in August.

Meanwhile, the power regulator raised the price by Rs0.19 per unit for the consumers of ex-Wapda Distribution Companies (Discos), also on account of FCA for the month of August.

Changes in both rates will be reflected in the bills for October.

In its notification for adjustment in electricity rates of KE, NEPRA said the negative FCA would be applicable to all consumer categories except lifeline consumers, domestic consumers using up to 300 units, agriculture consumers and electric vehicle charging stations.

“It is hereby clarified that the negative adjustment on account of monthly FCA is also applicable to domestic consumers having Time of Use meters irrespective of their consumption level,” it added.

In a separate notification for change in Disco rates, the power regulator said that the rise in electricity price was applicable to all consumer categories except electric vehicle charging stations and lifeline consumers.

“While effecting the fuel adjustment charges, the discos concerned shall keep in view and strictly comply with the orders of the court notwithstanding this order,” NEPRA said.

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