Friday December 10, 2021

NADRA Launches Registration Campaign For Transgender People

ISLAMABAD: On the occasion of International Human Rights Day, National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) took special measures to reach out the transgender persons, a marginalised segment of society, across the country.

In a bid to enhance the registration of transgender persons and create awareness, NADRA has launched a countrywide campaign “Trans-Rights are Human Rights”. In this regard the authority is conducting remedial training of field officers on December 13 in order to sensitise official on the vulnerabilities that create encumbrance in the registration of transgender persons.

NADRA has so far registered 5,626 transgender persons who opted for a gender other than male or female.  The authority further aims at creating awareness about the significance of legal identity for empowering the transgender community.  In this milieu, NADRA has engaged Ministry of Human Rights, Provincial/District Social Welfare Departments to mobilise the transgender persons for CNIC registration in order to help them eliminate long-standing discrimination, exclusion and sporadic violence.

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