Thursday August 11, 2022

Musadik Malik Criticses Arif Naqvi

ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Petroleum Musadik Malik on Thursday said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) anti-state behavior reflected the ‘disloyalty’ of its party chief Imran Khan to the nation whose leaders were habitual of maligning national institutes for personal gains.

Addressing a press conference here, he said Imran Khan in person and his party leaders had been indulge in targeting and pressurizing the national institutions to get decisions in favor.

“They [PTI leaders] were uttering derogatory remarks and spreading hateful content among the masses through social media teams against the ‘Army’ which was safeguard of the country,” he added.

Commenting on the speech of Imran Khan, he said it was totally disappointing and misleading the people.

He said Imran instead of giving message of hope to the people before two days of the 75th independence day, continued criticizing the national institutions.

He said people were expecting that the PTI chief would tender an apology or disown the irresponsible statements of his chief of staff Shahbaz Gill, but he did not utter a single word in that regard.

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