Monday August 15, 2022

Mashal Malik Demands To Take Occupied Kashmir Case To International Court Of Justice

Islamabad: Mashal Malik,wife of Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik, who are in jail over an illegal and false case registered by the India, demanded the lawyers community to fight the occupied Kashmir case in the international court of justice (ICJ).

A ceremony over the diamond jubilee independence celebrations was held at the Islamabad Bar Association where Mashal Malik was in attendance.

In her address to the ceremony, Mashal Malik said that India has usurped the rights of Kashmiris for 50 years adding that India has made Kashmiris migrators through a legislation.

Mashal Malik said that RSS is ruling India adding that water has been occupied in Indian held Kashmir and housing societies and seven starts hotel are being constructed in Occupied Kashmir.

The wife of APHC leader said that bodies of martyrs were disrespected.

She demanded that all the lawyers community take the matter to the (ICJ) against the genocide of the Kashmiris.

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