Tuesday December 21, 2021

Mahira Khan Turns 37 Today

KARACHI: Pakistani superstar actress Mahira Khan is celebrating her 37th birthday today. Popular actress Mahira Khan has showcased her talents all over the world by acting in Pakistan’s drama and film industry.

Mahra, who reached the heights of fame through travel, is still a superstar today. Mahira Khan also played a central role in Sadaqa Tumhare. Mahira Khan not only starred in Cannes Festival but also played the lead role opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the film Raees.

Mahira Khan is not only a philanthropist but also one of the most popular superstars on Instagram. Mahira Khan also did great work in the films Bol, Bin Roye, Ho Man Jahan, Sat Din Mohabbat and others.

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