Sunday December 12, 2021

Local Body’s Bill 2021: Opposition Parties Are Illiterate and Lack Wisdom: CM Sindh

Larkana: Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah on Sunday added fuel to the fire on already heated opposition parties over the local body bill approved by the Sindh Assembly as the CM declared the opposition parties illiterate.

The CM Sindh reached Garhi Khuda Bakhsh and paid visit to mausoleum of members of Bhutto family.

Talking to media Murad Ali Shah said that there is space for the improvement in the local body bill 2021 adding that the opposition parties presented amendments and speaker read it and the language they (opposition parties) used heard by all.

He declared the opposition illiterate and urges not to use talk of ethnicity adding that we are a majority party if we said them minority then they(opposition parties) became angry.

Murad said that if we say something then we are made accountable adding that the federal government says all the bad things happening due to the provincial government while he said that the federal government not competed enough that they could fix the the matters of Sindh.

He rejected the impression that decision of Larkana is being taken in Karachi and vice versa. He said that majority of Sindh Assembly voted for him adding that he is not limited to Shewan.

He said that the opposition parties lack wisdom and they are illiterate adding that there actions are slang language and they get appreciation for their action

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