Thursday April 28, 2022

Load-shedding Duration Of Two More Hours Increased For Karachiites

Karachi: The duration of load-shedding for Karachiites increased by two hours more while till eid the load-shedding situation of the city will remain same.

The worst load-shedding has been continued in the residential areas of the metropolis for the last many days.

The load-shedding could not be stopped or decreased despite the K-Electric received 1000 MW additional electricity from the national grid.

On the other hand, the K-electric has declared shortage of fuel responsible for the load-shedding.

The K-electric spokesperson apprised that owing to scarcity of fuel the power plants of the electric company saw decrease of production capabilities.

The spokesman telling bad news for the Karachiites said that two-hours more load-shedding is being carried out for balancing the load-shedding situation.

He further informed that the load-shedding situation will remain same till Eid Ul Fitr adding that the business activities will slow down after Eid which will help to control the load-shedding.

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