Tuesday May 31, 2022

Load Shedding Across The Country Worsen

Islamabad: The matter of load shedding has become worsen across the country including Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta as a short fall of electricity reached 6,690 MW.

According to the power division, overall production of electricity stood at 19, 310 MW while the demand for elelctricity is 26,000 MW.

As many as 12 hours load shedding is being conducted in various areas of the country while the electricity used to off and on for 10 hours in Peshawar, whereas, 12 hours load shedding of 12 hours is going on in Gunjranwala.

As per the power division, 4,855 MW electricity from water is being generated while 1, 205 MQ from the government thermal powers plants,.

On the other hand, power generation from private power houses is 9,323 MW, 1,398 MW electricity is being produced from window power plants while 111 MW is being generated.

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