Friday April 22, 2022

Legislators Thorough Debate Necessary To Move Forward Country Towards Solid Democracy: CJ

Islamabad: Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial on Friday resuming hearing of interpretation of article 63 (A) said that it is necessary to move forward the country towards solid democracy that legislators do thorough debate adding that the politicians of the country will render sacrifice.

A hearing on the presidential reference seeking interpretation of article 63(A) was conducted by five-member larger bench in chair of Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial and four other judges.

Justice Muneeb Akhtar observed that the only way to respect is that dissident member should resign and go home.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf counsel Barrister Ali Zafar giving his arguments said that the purpose of including article 63(A) in the constitution is to abolish horse trading adding that violation of 63 (A) is violation of the constitution.
He said that under this article vote not be counted adding that a vote will be casted but it will not be counted.

On question of Justice Aijaz Ul Ahsan, barrister Ali Zafar apprised the top court that the chief of a political party will order first and then a declaration of members will be issued.

Justice Jamal Khan Mandokhel asked to Barrister Ai Zafar that Does the political party treat this cancer by itself as if political parties have pain then treat it.

He said that we have most of the parties against the your’s point of view. The court ordered the PTI counsel Ali Zafar to submit a written objectives in the court.

PML-Q counsel adopting the point of view of the PTI said that the article 63(A) is protective wall against the vote of no-confidence, those who are said to be champions of the democracy had brokered agreement giving respect to the mandate.

The PML-N lawyer Makhdoom Ali Khan contended that the NA has a five-year-term and dissident member can be disqualified for a term only. He said that in its reference the PTI said that the dissidents members vote should not be counted adding that the reference was filed to save former premier from vote of no-confidence.The SC gave a historic verdict of restoration of the assembly.

The CJ said that we wanted to give our opinions as early as possible adding that we do as per the consciousness which looks right under the constitution while he prayed that our decisions will bring betterment in the country.

On the court question, Makhdoom Ali Khan informed the court that the court can use its power in 184 (3) adding that the article 63(A) is not for barring someone from loyalty to any party.

Justice Muneeb Akhtar said that there is only way to respect is that a dissident member should go home after tendering his resignation.

The court adjourns the hearing until after Eid.

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