Wednesday October 19, 2022

Khwaja Asif Demands Formation of Commission Led By Judge On Issues Regarding Baluchistan

ISLAMABAD: Federal minister Khawaja Asif today suggested the formation of a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” for the resolution of Balochistan’s issues after the government ally Akhtar Mengal raised the issue of missing persons in the National Assembly.

“Balochistan’s issues must be resolved,” said Asif in the lower house after Mengal briefed the house on the problems facing the province.

The defence minister said that the “elites” of the country have made mistakes and admitted that some of the sins and crimes were committed by the rulers. He also lamented that politicians have spoken on the issue verbally just to get votes.

The minister shared that a battle for power has been ongoing in Pakistan and targeted his party’s arch-rival Imran Khan.

“[Last] government was removed via constitutional and legal way. The person whose government was removed is blackmailing the state,” said Asif. He urged that the battle for power can be fought later.

Asif also deplored that after one and a half years after independence, different opinions were not tolerated.

Khawaja Asif said the points raised by Akhtar Mengal regarding the Balochistan situation are genuine and there is a dire need to heal the wounds of the people of the province.

He said the problems of Balochistan can be addressed by sitting together with the leaders and people of Balochistan.

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