Saturday December 11, 2021

Khalid Arain Condemns Cutting of Fiber Optical Wires by KE

KARACHI: Chairman Cable Association of Pakistan Khalid Arain said that cutting of fiber optic wire by K Electric is a sad process. The closure of TV channels due to damage to the assets of electric cable operators and telecom operators has helped us to keep the public informed of the current situation and to meet the business needs of corporate sectors, banks, government agencies and industry. Problems are occurring. He said that K-Electric had been brutally cutting the wires from the last fortnight. Cape and PATAPA had raised the issue with the electric authorities several times but K-Electric did not see any responsibility in this matter. In spite of assurances in the presence of the Commissioner , K-Electric Administration ontinued the process of cutting our fiber wires. We will announce future strategy on December 13 if KE continues to cut our wires, he added.

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