Monday October 24, 2022

Kenyan Police Admit Arshad Sharif Shot Dead On Basis Of Misunderstanding

Nairobi: Kenyan police have confirmed that Pakistan journalist Arshad Sharif has been shot dead on basis of misunderstanding.

According to foreign media, Arshad Sharif has been gunned down while shooting bullets in his head by Nairobian police in its jurisdiction when his driver allegedly violated the law at a check post.

Kenyan police further apprised that the Pakistani journalist was traveling to Kenyan capital Nairobi from Magadi along with his driver where the police was conducting snap checking while blocking the roads.

As per the statement issued by an officer of Kenyan police admitting killing of Arshad Sharif by the police firing said that on a wrong identification the Pakistani journalist was killed while other details of the incident will be issued later.

According to the police, they have recieved an information of abduction of a girl in a car which has same resemblence with Arshad Sharif car owing to which snap checking of cars was conducting by blocking the roads, in a meantime the driver of the journalist didn’t obey the law and crossed the check post without checking. To which, the Pakistani journalist car was chased and than this sad incident happened.

Kenyan police headquarter has said that the Independent Policing Oversight Authority is investigating into the matter.

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