Friday November 05, 2021

Karachi: Hidden Cameras Found In Washrooms Of Private School

KARACHI: The Sindh Education Department on Friday suspended the registration of a private school and asked its administration to furnish a show-cause notice after hidden cameras were found in its washroom.

According to a notification issued by the education department, the hidden CCTV cameras were stealthily installed in the men’s washroom as well as a female washroom common to both teachers and students.

Videos of women were being made with the hidden cameras, officials from the Sindh education department confirmed, adding that several women had lodged a complaint with the education department regarding the cameras.

After that, a team of education department officials had visited the school on Wednesday to verify the information.

They found hidden cameras from the washroom during their visit, the officials confirmed, adding that a vigilance team has submitted a report on the hidden cameras to the education department for further investigation.

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