Thursday June 02, 2022

K-Electric Hints At Increasing Load Shedding In Karachi In Days Ahead

Karachi: Grievances from load shedding for people of Karachiites are not going to end soon as sole distributor of electricity, K-electric has hinted more load shedding in the severely hot weather these days,

Spokeswoman of the K-electric Sadia Dada ringing the bell of danger said that load shedding in Karachi can be increased in days to come. She apprised that natural gas provision to the power company has been completely suspended.

The K-electric spokeswoman said that the two power plants of the k-electric have completely closed owing to suspension of the gas supply.

She said that K-electric is getting 100 MMCFD gas on the rate of RLNG which is a relatively expensive fuel. She said that the city has a demand of 3600 MW while K-electric has shortage of average 400 MW electricity.

The spokeswoman apprised that as many as 8 to 10 hours load shedding is being carried out on 500 fedeers while five to seven hours load shedding is continued on 200 feeders.

She said that uninterrupted electric supply is continued on 1300 feeders.

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