Wednesday December 29, 2021

Joint Opposition Decides To Give Tough Time To Govt on Mini Budget

ISLAMABAD: Mini-budget has drawn massive criticism from the opposition against federal government on Wednesday.

According to details, the tabling of mini-budget took place in a National Assembly session under the presence of Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri. During the session, opposition forwarded massive criticism against federal government. In addition, members of all opposition parties including Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) were found critically thrashing government in the session.

Meanwhile, senior representative PML-N Khawaja Asif seriously criticized government and said that Pakistan had once surrendered in 1971 and today once again it is surrendering for the second time which is way dangerous than the previous one.

He added that the government must not practice independent economic surrender and the end of economic independence in the form of mini budget and State bank bill identifies the practice of similar act. He added that in the form of government, a viceroy has already been established in State Bank.

He further added that the NA members must stand against the rising inflation and hooliganism. The government could not fill the quorum from four days, after the mini-budget, escape will be practiced on atomic program, Khwaja Asif said.

On the other hand, former prime minister (PM) Raja Parvaiz Ashraf said that several discussions are being made on mini budget in the assembly and outside the assembly. The public is already destroyed in the hands of inflations.

Addressing the NA session, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the opposition is afraid of Pakistan’s economic independence. He added that during a time period of three years, the statistic of micro-economics is still not varied. Pakistan will not make any compromise on the atomic power. Filling the quorum of parliament is government responsibility. The agenda of opposition is discussed on private members day, he said. The opposition must share their perspective with an open heart.

Meanwhile, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan on said that the incumbent government of PTI has not sent the money of the nation to Panama or Swiss Banks.

While addressing a session in upper house of the Parliament, Senate, the state minister said Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan neither commits corruption nor allows anyone else to do so.

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